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Guildford Chamber Choir Benefit Concert

September 29 2012

The Guildford Chamber Choir has supported EDC in the past, and we hope in the future, as part of a continuous programme of events that has raised more than £20,000 over the last 10 years. Founded in 1980 the choir's repetoire is centred on choral music from the 16th. century to the present day.

EDC's benefit concert, on 29th. September 2012, featured choral music of the Mexican Baroque and works by James MacMillan, alongside organ music by MacMillan and Spanish Keyboard music, a musical tradition which provided the roots for the flowering of sacred music in Latin America. The concert raise £417 for EDC.

EDC would like to thank Conductor, Steven Grahl, Organist, Gavin Roberts and others who organised the Concert and of course all the members of the Choir.

Sopranos Altos Tenors Basses
Georgia Black
Anita Coskery
Sarah Jackson
Caroline Luard
Lesley Meyer
Leanne Osgood
Gillian Pickering
Helen Pritchard
Linda Shepley
Pat Wood
Janet Yendole
Sue Eccleston
Tessa Forbes
Maureen Galea
Heather Hurrell
Alice Phillips
Diana Thrush
John Bawden
Ian Bysh
Michael Clarke
Iain MacLeod
Mark Brown
Richard Fox
David Greenwood
Roger Miller
Simon Phillips
Bryan Yendole

Please check out the Choir's web site on our "Sponsors and Links" page.

Donation(s) received at this event £417.00

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