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EDC & Sainsbury's Get Together

October 08 2012

The smiling faces at Sainsbuy's Burpham store are an indication of what is to be a fruitful, long term relationship with EDC. Mark Salmon, store manager, his colleagues, charity members, beneficiaries and supporters were photographed on the 8th. October, 2012 for an article which appeared in the Surrey Advertiser.

The most important smile in the photograph is on the face of Karl Neave. His mobility, which is now high speed at times, was greatly increased by the parial funding of his recumbant bike. The smiles say it all!

Future plans for events organised by EDC and Sainsbury's include major fund raising events at the store. Pages dealing with these events will be posted on this site when arrangements have been finalised.

January 2013 is pencilled in for volunteers to tell shoppers about EDC and hopefully persuade them to make small, or large, donations. If you would like to help in this collection, not necessarily for the whole day and probably inside in the entrance of the store, please checkout the "How you can Help" and "Contact Us" links on the main pages of this site.

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