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Paralympic Torch on Display

October 23 2012

Sainsbuy's support for the 2012 Paralympics brought one of the Paralympic Torches to the Burpham store as part of its tour of the local area. EDC's connection with the store at Burpham via the store manager, Mark Salmon, allowed the Charity to be involved with the occasion.

Karen Sehmer, the High Sherrif of Surrey and a strong supporter of EDC, alongside members of the Charity, appeared in some of the photographs taken by the Surrey Advertiser. Steven Juliff can also be seen holding the Paralympic Torch.

Camille Juliff described the picture as being of "my good looking son", a clearly accurate and unbiased viewpoint! Camille, now a Trustee of EDC, became involved with the Charity as a result of the support that Steven was given by EDC over a period starting when he was 4 years old. Now, at 21 and currently in his final year at Kingston University, studying Information Technology, with his own hard work and effort, he is a fantastic example of what the Charity can and does do by giving help at the right time.

If you would like to get involved or support EDC in any way look at the information behind the links on the main pages of this site.

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