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BBC Radio Surrey

December 20 2012

On the 20th. December 2012 at around 1:15 p.m. on the Joe Talbot radio programme a segment, known as "Charity Begins with Joe", was devoted to a discussion about EDC. On a telephone link Margaret Pilkingtion was inteviewed about how she responded to a letter sent by Dr. Helen Foley to the Surrey Advertiser in 1990. From that initial response the result was the charity registration of EDC in 1991.

At the studio with Joe Talbot were Christine Ward, Chair of EDC, Dr. Ivor Barrett, Treasurer and Pauline Cox. The Chair and the Treasurer were then involved in further discussion about the philosophy, aims and working methods of the charity. In all the programme segment lasted for around 20 minutes.

Click on the controls to the left below to hear the programme segment about about EDC taken from the Joe Talbot show. (The player needs Flash v7 or higher to be installed.) Alternatively click on the button to the right below.

Thanks to BBC Radio Surrey and Joe Talbot for permission to use this audio extract from the broadcast of 20th. December 2012.

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