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Donations from St. Mary's Shalford

January 14 2013

St. Mary's Church in Shalford has a long-term connection with EDC starting with the Charity's founder, Margaret Plikington, a member of the congregation. The tradition has continued this year with a donation of £715 from the Christmas Charity Fair and £145.82 collected by the carol singers from St. Mary's.

These contributions have enabled EDC to provide a weighted blanket (£324) for a toddler suffering from autism which meant that he slept for the first time ever continuously for twelve hours. We have also been able to provide a midi bubble tube (£425) which provides sensory and visual stimulus for a child in the first year of life who is suffers from seizures.

Our thanks to everybody who worked so hard for the Charity Fair and turned out to sing and to the people of Shalford who contributed so generously to both events. Without support like this, the charity would not be able to respond to the needs of these children.

Donation(s) received at this event £860.82

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