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Max Dilley's
"Start Treck"
for EDC

August 28 2013

The ENTERPRISE shown by 5 year old Max Dilley collecting for EDC has already seen him receiving the High Sherrif of Surrey's Special Youth Award in March 2013. Having SPOKen to both local radio and the Surrey Advertiser Marcia, Max's mum, helped to make Max's sponsored walk on 28th. August 2013 in Byfleet Recreation Ground an enjoyable event. EDC would like to thank the member of St. Mary's KIRK Parish Day Council (Ok Church if you're not from where SCOTTY was born) who took care of the insurance costs for the day. This enabled all of the money raised to be donated to EDC. Make no BONES about it, it was a very special day. It was the real McCOY.

Alongside Max several other children, all aged between 5 and 7, paricipated in the walk. One of them, William Miller, completed 27 curcuits of the course, 3.75 miles. The children's mums had baked cakes which were served by 14 year old Nathan.

Fund raising was not just limited to the walk and cakes stall. It was supported by a raffle and tombola. We are all now waiting to see where Max will BOLDLY GO next in his fund raising activiies for EDC. The final total raised can be seen below. Max alone raised more than £500!


Donation(s) received at this event £1000.00

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