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EDC Recyclig and
wheels within "Wheels"

January 09 2014

The title more correctly should be "retriking"! EDC gave Daniel a trike around 3 years ago, but children grow. The freedom, exercise and fresh air that the trike gave Daniel was too valuable to be lost. So EDC replaced the trike with a larger model as a Christmas present to Daniel.

Once again the whole of his family can accompany Daniel on days out in the park and see him head towards the horizon under his own power. However, with the weather since Christams, it looks from the photograph that the laundry bills will be increasing.

The recycling comes from the fact that EDC have now passed on Daniel's old trike to another child to pass on the independence that Daniel stiall enjoys. The mud had been cleaned off before it was passed on.

In January Christine Ward and Vivien Allen gave a talk to Guildford Inner Wheel in which they spoke of EDC's work and the kind of equipment supplied by the Charity. At the meeting £300 was donated by the Inner Wheel to buy a Major Buggy for a local child who is on the autistic spectrum and has no sense of road danger. He is calmed by being secure in his buggy.

More Wheely good work by EDC. (Sorry)

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