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EDC in Space

October 19 2016

With no funding from NASA nor the European Space Agency, EDC have completed their first mission in space. The vehicle, codenamed "TRIKE" (Targetted Remobilisation In Kid's Environment), together with its pilot, Anna, made a trans-lunar orbit and returned to Earth at a targetted landing site of a local supermarket! After her safe return Anna went on to celebrate her birthday with friends and family.

The pilot's parents, Peta and William, have released the following press statement

"We just wanted to drop you a line to thank you so much for the beautiful tricycle which we collected for my daughter this week.

She is absolutely OVER THE MOON, which I can only really show by attaching some photos.

By happy coincidence it arrived just in time for her birthday weekend, so our very first outing was a trip to the local supermarket for some essential birthday supplies!"

More space news soon :-)

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