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Cheques and Balances

May 14 2018

On 14th. May 2018 EDC's balance was greatly inproved without the use of any excessive physical effort or training. If you check (or even cheque) out the photo above you'll see the balance of EDC's account was increased by £500.

The large cheque was presented to EDC by the Castle Keep Masons Lodge. The Lodge has a long association with EDC making yearly donations to the charity.

The Lodge's continuing support is based on the fact that EDC raises so much money to help local children whilst using only a bare minimum of donations on overheads.

From left to right in the photograph:

Barrie Lloyd, Master of the Castle Keep Masons Lodge
Anne Hoye, EDC Committee Member
Christine Ward,EDC Chair of Trustees
Ross Clark, CHarity Steward of the Castle Keep Masons Lodge

Donation(s) received at this event £500.00

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