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Whisky (Cash?) Galore

May 14 2018

When Compton Mackenzie wrote the novel in 1947 he made no mention of the Horsley Village Club. There's no suggestion that any of the cases of whisky from the island came to the Club and the Club's name didn't appear on the credits of the 1949 or 2016 films.

There is some evidence though of a LARGE empty whisky bottle left on the bar being filled with cash. EDC would like to thank Horsley Village Club for making space in the bottle and donating the refill to the Charity. Those making the space were probably very happy and the new content will bring smiles to children helped by the donation.

Christine Ward, receiving the LARGE cheque for £400, has on her right Marvin, who runs the bar, and on her left Jim Findlay, a long time supporter of EDC.

This is the second large donation from the Club and EDC would like to thank the members for their efforts at emptying and refilling whisky bottles!

Donation(s) received at this event £400.00

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