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Smiles and Miles

August 18 2019

It may be surprising that the words attributed to Fred R. Barnard in 1921 and, earlier in Syracuse USA in 1911, the words of Arthur Brisbane, quoted in "The Post Standard", have relevance to this page. Even earlier both Japanese and Chinese philosophers can claim the same association.

Micaela's smile above makes the work of EDC worthwhile, as do the words from Micaela's father.

"I'd wish to mention also that yesterday we both, Mica and myself, went for a ride to the common nearby our house.

It was amazingly positive, such a special afternoon. Independence was great. Commanding the bike allowed her to expand her expression, she said many things I haven't heard before. She wasn't tired at all and remained very excited all the time.

I highly recommend this experience to all parents !"

"One picture is worth a thousand words."

There is some controversy about the orgins of this phrase. If you're interested click here or here for more information.

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