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Who is eligible for our support and how to apply...

How to apply

We welcome applications for funding on behalf of any child meeting our criteria.


  • a disabled child that lives or is educated in SW Surrey (in and around the Guildford area)
  • and/or is supported by the paediatric team at the Royal Surrey County Hospital
  • requires specialist equipment that will not be provided by social care, health or other statutory funding
  • the equipment has been recommended and assessed as being appropriate by one of the child’s care or health professionals
  • successful applications are not influenced by household income

We welcome applications directly from families and from professionals working with families.

We will also consider applications from organisations supporting groups of children, such as play groups and play schemes, as long as the other eligibility criteria are met.

Further details about applying are detailed on the form. The completed form can be posted or emailed to the contact details given.

All applications will be treated in the strictest confidence and following our Privacy Policy.

Apply for support online

If you’d prefer to fill in a paper form and post it, you can download the printable Grant Application form [PDF, 57kb].

Mica, a 12 year old girl, riding her adaptive tricycle. She's smiling.

Mica on her tricycle

What happens next?

Once you have submitted the grant application, you will receive a confirmation of receipt.

You will usually hear the outcome of your application within 3 weeks. If the item is required urgently, please contact us through the details on the form and we will endeavour to help.

Please note that once the application is approved we cannot guarantee delivery time as this is dependent on individual suppliers.

Equipment is purchased by E4DC directly, for delivery to the child’s home, or alternative address.


What equipment can I apply for?

We don’t restrict what equipment you can apply for. We base our support entirely on the needs of the child.

Please note we do not purchase standard computer hardware, such as tablets or laptops, as these are not specialist equipment.

Here’s just some of the equipment we have had requests for…

What the parents think…



The difference the pushchair makes is immeasurable.



Thank you for bringing such joy to my son by providing him with a lovely bike. Now he can play outside with his brother; they laugh and joke together, just like children should.



Joseph loves the freedom that his trike gives him. He rides nearly every day after school and at weekends and is getting more and more confident.