Meet the children

These amazing children are the reason we exist...

Meet the children…

Ben, a young boy riding towards the camera, on his tricycle with his brother assisting


Ben is a lively, energetic boy who is a skilled who loves being part of the ‘cycling gang’ exercising in the great outdoors on his Tomcat Fizz Trailer trike which he uses for family rides around  Alice Holt and at his school site.

Daisy, a young girl wearing school uniform, stands proudly, using a assistive walker with wheels.


Daisy finds her Grillo Posterior Walker very useful at school and at home as it is so much more manoeuvrable than her wheelchair.

Anna, a young girl wearing a crooked cycle helmet, is concentrating hard while she pedals her tricycle.


Anna loves heading out on her Tomcat Fizz trike. This gives her independence, and she can go out on family outings. She also enjoys triking around her school campus with her friends.

Isabelle is enjoying the sunshine, riding her tricycle


Isabelle using her Mission Cycles trike her Mum writes, ‘’Isabelle is so delighted with her new trike. The trunk support means she can enjoy the thrill of riding as much as her siblings and other children. There is no greater pleasure for us than seeing her having fun, gaining confidence and developing her independence, so thank you for funding this fantastic piece of equipment. The basket and the bell are also a very big hit!

Mica, a 12 year old girl, riding her adaptive tricycle. She's smiling.


Mica had a huge break through when she learnt to ride her Theraplay Candy Pink trike.

 As her Mum says, ‘’ You can see her face on this photo. She is so happy. Thank you for giving our nine year old, adorable daughter the possibility in her life of riding a bicycle with confidence.’’

Rosie, a happy child sits is a special buggy waving a glowing wand


Rosie is not able to manage a long walk but her Special Tomato Jogger means that she can sit comfortably and enjoy family walks. The large wheels ensure a comfortable ride in the countryside. Her Mum writes,’’ Thank you again for the buggy, its working really well for her’’